Handmade Finnish earrings

The jewelry is made of polymer material, which is very light . The shiny surface is treated with high-quality resin .

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  • Mimo's story

    The idea of making my own earrings came when I saw some nice ones
    jewelry, but the wrong color. As a person in the craft industry, I thought, so what
    if I try to make them myself and that's where the idea came from.

  • Materials

    As materials, I prefer high-quality materials.
    Jewelry is made from polymer mass/jewellery resin, which is
    very light. The glossy surface is treated with high-quality resin.
    I order metal parts from Finnish retailers when I can
    ensures that they do not contain nickel, lead or cadmium.

  • Charity

    Children and the elderly are close to my heart, so I already decided on the deal
    when I open it, I put a good spin. For every piece of jewelry sold
    I donate a portion to an elderly/children's charity.
    In January, I will announce the charity target.